Williamsport, Pa. --  Wednesday morning marked a special occasion for medical marijuana patients and Pharmacann as the fourth Verilife store celebrated a grand opening in Pennsylvania.

Verilife is owned by Pharmacann, which operates more than 20 medical dispensaries across the country.

“There’s a lot of effort behind the scenes and from businesspeople in the community that goes into it,” District Manager Steve Barger said. “To be able to open up and see the patients coming in and the excitement for them to be able to get the products that they need is very rewarding.”

The brand-new Verilife store will feature one of the largest selections of medical marijuana in the area. It also boasts a sizeable waiting room with onsite ordering and ATMs available for patients.

“It’s been extremely positive,” Barger said of the response by patients through the first few days. “Dare I say excited. They are able to get the products that they need to help them. A lot of excitement so far.”

Verilife will stay committed to helping patients in the program, but it also wants to stay committed to helping the community that has welcomed it. Barger said during the ribbon cutting that Verilife will continue to work within the area with various projects.

Williamsport’s store is the largest of its kind in the area. Verilife is located right off the highway which will make it easy for customers outside the area to access the dispensary.

Barger said the dispensary will create nearly 30 new jobs in the area. 

Customers will be greeted by a friendly staff who will help with orders and questions. One trip through the ordering process is all a patient needs to feel at home.

The ribbon cutting made it official, but customers have been able to place orders at Verilife since Monday.

Verilife is located at 2300 E. Third St. in Williamsport. 

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