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Photo courtesy of the "Choose PA Dairy" Campaign, featuring staff from Walmoore Holsteins, Inc.

The Center for Dairy Excellence and the Professional Dairy Managers of Pennsylvania are asking Pennsylvanians to celebrate the farmers who are still working tirelessly to feed America, and of course, to continue to purchase fresh local produce, meats, and dairy.

Though there have been interruptions in food processing, the American food supply remains safe and abundant thanks to the efforts of our farmers.

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Photo courtesy of the "Choose PA Dairy" Campaign, featuring a young member of the Sebright family

"As we celebrate the heroes among us, let us not forget about our farmers, who are feeding America, and helping to keep us safe, healthy, and comfortable," said Jayne Sebright, Executive Director at the Center for Dairy Excellence. "Farmers are the eternal optimists. They hope. They work hard. They give back to others. And they are still farming, working long hours and endless days to keep America's food supply strong, despite tremendous uncertainty about the future of their business. They will not stop farming for you."

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Photos courtesy of the "Choose PA Dairy" Campaign, featuring the Kurtz family of Kurtland Farms, the Sebright family, a member of the Bitler family of Vista Grande Farms, and a staff member from Paul Dotterer and Sons Farm

With the sudden closures of restaurants, schools, and other institutions, dairy farmers alone have experienced a 10% drop in demand for their products. Due to market disruptions, dairy farms have also seen dramatic price decreases. Despite these difficulties, dairy and other farm families continue on in hopes that the market will eventually recover.

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Photo courtesy of the "Choose PA Dairy" campaign, featuring members of the Slaymaker family

"Farmers know people will always need to eat, and they are passionate about their role in feeding a hungry world despite the current uncertainty," Sebright shared. "As we work together to navigate this pandemic, don't forget to thank a farmer by choosing dairy and other products from local farms – in Pennsylvania and across the country."

The Center released a letter expressing their appreciation for farm families on April 27, which can be read in full here.

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