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Wi-Fi signal extenders on buildings provide outdoor access to the Mounties' Mobile Guest wireless network. Source: Mansfield University

Mansfield -- Given the importance of internet connectivity at this time and the closure of libraries, which usually offer connectivity to those without a home connection, Mansfield University Campus Technologies has worked to make the school's wireless network more accessible in specified areas of the campus.

"We understand that many of our commuter students, as well as members of our community, do not have home internet access and their usual points of access may not be available since some businesses are closed," said President Charles Patterson. "Making campus Wi-Fi more accessible allows our friends in the community to continue accessing important information online."

Mansfield University's expansive wireless network extends outdoors and into many of the campus parking lots. Anyone in need of internet can drive-up to the specified locations on campus and connect to the Mounties Mobile Guest wireless network free of charge. The following locations are available for community members to utilize campus internet from their vehicle:

  • Parking lots: Butler Center, Steadman Theatre, Allen Hall (between Allen Hall and Van Norman Field entry gates), Clinton St. (between Laurel Hall and Pinecrest Hall)
  • Stadium Drive (Between Decker Gymnasium and Van Norman Field)
  • Along Retan Hall and Belknap Hall
  • Straughn Hall Drive
  • Along both sides of Kelchner Fitness Center (Academy St. and Clinton St.)

An interactive campus map of the Community Wi-Fi hot spots is available here.

All Mansfield University students, including commuter students, will continue to have access to campus Wi-Fi hot spots and are encouraged to take advantage of the wireless network if they do not have adequate internet connectivity at home.

Anyone utilizing Mansfield University Wi-Fi is asked to maintain proper social distancing measures while on campus. Visitors should not use any of the residence hall parking lots.

Mansfield University remains open with all face-to-face instruction transitioned to online modalities. The campus is patrolled by the Mansfield University Police Department throughout the day and night.

More information about Mansfield University wireless internet is available here.

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