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Even if you're not familiar with Kuharchik Construction, Inc., you may be familiar with this "Welcome to Pennsylvania" sign they installed. Source: Kuharchik Construction, Inc.

Kuharchik Construction Inc. in Exeter, Pa. has coordinated efforts with Luzerne County to distribute N-95 face masks to Health and Human Services workers in the area to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. These filtered masks protect the wearer from airborne particles and liquids that could be contaminated.

The masks will be given to caseworkers including those in Children and Youth Services, local hospitals, and medical professionals who may be in contact with people who are ill.

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“Healthcare professionals are running desperately low on supplies while acting as our last line of defense to this pandemic. When we heard Vice President Pence’s plea for construction companies to consider donating N-95 masks to local hospitals, we knew we had to take action,” said Robert Bresnahan, CEO of Kuharchik Construction.

Members of the Kuharchik Construction team discovered an extra supply of face masks while doing inventory and knew that they could make a difference by donating the masks.

“We as Americans need to do everything we can to ameliorate this crisis. Our highest risk neighbors must have every opportunity to conquer this illness,” said Bresnahan. “It is our time to pull together and come away stronger and more united than ever. I encourage other business leaders to seek ways that they too can contribute to combat this virus.”

Kuharchik Construction is a third generation family business that specializes in traffic signals, highway signing and lighting, decorative streetscape revitalizing, and intelligent transportation systems. The company has vowed to work with hospitals, Luzerne County Emergency Management Agency, nursing homes, and first responders to ensure they are adequately protected.

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