Bloomsburg —The Bloomsburg Police Department is responding to the Coronavirus in a number of ways, according to a news release.

Police officers will be engaged in active 24-hour routine patrol in the community. The lobby at headquarters will be open during regular business hours for those who may not have any other means to communicate with the police department. They are asking that just one person enter the lobby if they deem it essential.

All members of the department are engaging in social distancing to the extent possible. Those incidents that do not absolutely require one-on-one interaction will be handled by telephone or other means of communication. Officers will be maintaining their distance at incidents where a personal visit is required. Bloomsburg officers will physically intervene where intervention is necessary to maintain order and protect the citizens of Bloomsburg.

The Bloomsburg Police department acknowledges the number of Bloomsburg University students who have elected to remain at their off-campus housing units. They are asking that everyone respect the Governor’s recommendation to keep gatherings down to 10 or less persons. The safety of the Bloomsburg community is paramount. Gathering for any length of time, then dispersing back into the community, puts all resident's lives at unnecessary risk.

Bloomsburg Police Officers will quickly respond with a zero-tolerance policy to any violations related to gatherings, quality of life issues, or other public safety issues. The Bloomsburg Police Department is coordinating with Bloomsburg University who has assured the department that anyone cited or arrested will be considered in violation of the University’s code of conduct.

Everyone has a part to play in helping the community remain safe throughout these unusual times.

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