People 65 and older, those with certain medical conditions, and workers in high-risk jobs who received a second Pfizer dose more than six months ago are now eligible to receive a booster.

Following FDA approval and CDC authorization of booster doses of Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, certain locations are now offering all three booster vaccines, including Pfizer. 

The J&J booster may be administered at least two months after the first shot, while the Moderna and Pfizer booster doses may be administered at least six months after the second shot. 

(NEW) Laurel Health Centers

Tioga and Bradford Counties, Pa. -- The Laurel Health Centers are now offering all three COVID-19 vaccines at their locations throughout Tioga and Bradford Counties, including "third doses" for at-risk populations. Everyone 12 and up is currently eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, according to current CDC guidelines.

The LHCs have been offering Moderna and Janssen for months and recently installed the special equipment necessary to offer Pfizer to provide vaccine to younger residents. The centers will also be offering the pediatric Pfizer vaccine for patients aged 5 - 11 once approved. 

Booster shots/"Third doses"

Patients may choose to receive the same vaccine for their booster or switch to another vaccine if preferred. This decision was made to expand booster shot availability and make it easier for eligible patients to get scheduled (e.g., if a patient originally received Pfizer but it’s not currently available in their area, this decision allows them to schedule a Moderna or J&J booster shot instead).

Patients can safely switch brands for their booster shot because all three approved COVID-19 vaccines were shown to successfully strengthen immunity and antibody response when given as a booster regardless of whether the brand matched the patients’ original vaccine series. This is being referred to as “mix-n-match” in news coverage, but Laurel Health points out the important distinction that none of the vaccines are being mixed together into one shot.  

In addition to first and second dose scheduling, Laurel Health is now scheduling third doses for the immunocompromised and booster shots for those eligible based on the CDC and PA Department of Health guidelines. The language “third dose” refers specifically to a third full dose of vaccine given to immunocompromised people like cancer and transplant patients a month or more after their second dose as part of a three-dose vaccine series.

By contrast, a booster refers to a shot given at least six months later to boost the immune response in someone already fully vaccinated.  

“Booster shots help keep our body alert and making COVID-19 antibodies to better protect against new variants,” explains Guillermo Rodriguez, MD, Chief Medical Officer for the Laurel Health Centers.

“A booster shot may contain a full or partial dose based on the vaccine brand. Patients can receive a different vaccine brand than their original series for a booster shot. For example, if you originally received the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine Janssen, you may choose to get a second J&J shot or elect to have Moderna or Pfizer for your booster vaccine.”  

To schedule a COVID-19 vaccine, call 1-833-LAURELHC (1-833-528-7354) and select the office of your choice or visit laurelhc.org to sign up online.  


Danville, Pa. – Geisinger is offering booster doses of all COVID-19 vaccines for eligible individuals, though the requirements for the second dose vary depending upon the vaccine type.

Those eligible for a booster dose include people who have received their two doses of the Moderna or Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, and:

  • Are 65 years and older
  • Are age 18 and older who live in long-term care settings
  • Are age 18 and older who have underlying medical conditions
  • Are age 18 and older who work or live in high-risk settings

People can get their booster dose of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine beginning six months after receiving their second dose. The booster dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine is half of a single dose (0.25 milliliters). The booster dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is the same dosage (0.3 milliliters) as a single dose.

People who received the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine are eligible to receive a booster dose of any of the COVID-19 vaccines two months after their initial J&J dose. 

If you’re unsure if you qualify for a booster or have any specific questions, contact your doctor.

You can make an appointment for a first, second, third or booster dose of the Moderna or Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine at Geisinger through MyGeisinger or by calling 570-284-3657.

Appointments are available at the vaccine centers at the Geisinger Health Plan Building near Danville, Geisinger CenterPoint in Jenkins Township, Geisinger Jersey Shore Hospital and Geisinger Lewistown Hospital. Appointments are also available at Geisinger Philipsburg and Geisinger Pharmacy locations in Dallas, Danville, Lewistown, Lock Haven, Mount Pocono, Pottsville, State College, and Scranton.

Remember to bring your COVID-19 vaccine card or proof of having received the vaccine to your appointment. More information about the COVID-19 vaccine is available at Geisinger.org/COVIDVax.

As a reminder, no visitors are permitted for outpatient appointments, unless medically necessary, and masks must be worn by everyone in all Geisinger buildings and facilities.

Weis Markets

Sunbury, Pa. – Weis Markets pharmacies are now offering booster doses of the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) and Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to eligible customers.

Weis Markets’ pharmacist immunizers are currently administering booster doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine in 132 in-store pharmacies.

“The J&J and Moderna boosters will increase availability for customers in designated groups,” said Rick Seipp, Weis Markets’ Vice President of Pharmacy. “Weis pharmacies offer a quick and convenient immunization option—especially since the FDA-approved ‘mix and match’ booster option is now available to fully immunized customers, which means they can receive a different vaccine for their booster shot.”

To receive the booster dose, customers should schedule an appointment with a Weis certified immunizer at: https://www.weismarkets.com/pharmacy-services. Appointment sign-ups are available one day prior to the immunization. Weis immunizers can also answer customer questions about the booster doses.

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