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A curious correlation caught the attention of twitter and academic researchers this month: As COVID-19 cases increased in the U.S., the number of bad reviews claiming "no scent" on Yankee Candles increased.

CDC data indicates that COVID-19 boosters help strengthen protection against Omicron and other variants. CDC's Nowcast model currently projects that the Omicron variant accounts for 95 percent of new cases. 

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Select locations are now offering the Pfizer-Biotech vaccine for children ages 5-11, following approval from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Pennsylvania Department of Health (PA DOH). Similar to older age groups, the vaccine requires two doses three weeks apart …

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Following FDA approval and CDC authorization of booster doses of Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, certain locations are now offering all three booster vaccines, including Pfizer. 

COVID-19 continues to be a part of our lives. To say this has been a complex pandemic would be an understatement. However, as time goes on, we continue to see evolution in approaches to providing care that are safe, effective, and saving lives, and on top of that, we have multiple options fo…

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The ongoing scientific developments of COVID-19 vaccines continue to produce questions amongst researchers, physicians, and the public. Hospitals look to the FDA and CDC to administer new health practices, including the most recent focus of conversation — booster doses.

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Danville, Pa. -- Following recent guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Geisinger, Evangelical, and Weis are offering booster doses of the Pfizer (Comirnaty) COVID-19 vaccine for people who are eligible.

Influenza and COVID-19 are different viruses, but they are both respiratory illnesses with similar symptoms. This fact can make it difficult to understand their differences, and why separate vaccinations are important for both illnesses. However, Dr. Amit Mehta, a Geisinger family medicine s…

None of us wanted to be here again. Like many others, when the vaccines came into play a year ago, I thought that we would be able to lick the virus and that precautions such as masking and social distancing would be a thing of legend.