Pennsylvania’s second annual 1-4-3 day takes on new meaning during COVID-19 crisis PHOTO

On May 23, 2019, Pennsylvania changed the 143rd day of the year forever as it has become a day of kindness dedicated to the State’s best neighbor—Fred Rogers.

Rogers, better know as Mr. Rogers, welcomed millions of people into his neighborhood over the years through his television program. He used the numbers 1-4-3 as a sign for “I love you”.

Each number represented a different word in the sequence. Despite it only being a year old, it has quickly become one of Pennsylvania’s most important days. Residents are urged to share their acts of kindness with others on social media using the tag #143DayinPA.

"Imagine what our real neighborhoods would be like if each of us offered, as a matter of course, just one kind word to another person,” Fred Rogers is quoted on the site.

Any residents struggling to find ways to help can simply head to and hit the kindness generator. All you must do is the hit the “show me the love” button and it will generate one act of kindness to pursue.

Acts of kindness generated can range from something as simple as “make someone an original artwork” or “write a song for a family member” to more involved ones like “donate food to a homeless shelter” or “Venmo a nurse you know a few dollars for coffee”.

These are simple acts that can go a long way for people and family members, especially during the current situation facing all Pennsylvanians.

Governor Tom Wolf proclaimed Friday, May 22, the 143rd day of the year, as 1-4-3 Day, a statewide day of kindness in honor of Pennsylvania native Fred Rogers.

Pennsylvania’s second annual 1-4-3 day takes on new meaning during COVID-19 crisis PHOTO 2

“In 2019, Pennsylvanians shared more than 17,000 acts of kindness on social media on 1-4-3 Day,” said Governor Wolf. “This year, in particular, with all we’re going through as a state and a nation, we have the opportunity to show the positive impact that neighborliness can have during more difficult times by recognizing and thanking essential workers and frontline employees through acts of kindness and appreciation. We hope this day inspires even more generosity, not only on 1-4-3 Day, but all the time, whenever or wherever kindness is needed.”

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