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Six Women In Technology (WIT) Award winners were named during the Technology Council of Central Pennsylvania’s (TCCP) live virtual event last week. 

This year’s virtual Women In Tech Awards wrapped up a 2-part virtual celebration of the 5th anniversary of Technology Council of Central Pennsylvania’s continued commitment to celebrating women who are innovators, role models, trailblazers, and inspirations within the technology community throughout our region. 

During her opening remarks, Ann Hughes, President & CEO of the Technology Council of Central PA reconfirmed the value of the event, “Women continue to be a significantly underrepresented group within the tech world and it is our continued hope that by celebrating the amazing women who have overcome the stereotypes associated with working and succeeding in tech while also providing additional training and support for them and their allies/advocates, we can continue to help change that narrative.” 

This year’s Women In Tech Award categories and winners include:

Mary Angela

Mary-Angela Kenney won this year’s WIT IMPACT AWARD – PRIVATE SECTOR/MEDIUM TO LARGE BUSINESS.  This award recognizes a woman in technology whose contributions have made a positive impact in the Private Sector/Medium to Large Business market (companies employing 50 or more employees).  Mary-Angela Kenney is the Vice President of Innovation & Technology with Fenner Precision Polymers in Manheim, Pa.

In her position, she is responsible for developing and executing R&D and engineering initiatives for a global business. In her 35 years of business leadership, she has led organizations and teams to increase new product introductions, drive process improvement, and advance the technology for several global companies.

Kate Gallagher

Kate Gallagher won this year’s WIT IMPACT AWARD – PRIVATE SECTOR/ ENTREPRENEUR TO SMALL BUSINESS.  This award recognizes a woman in technology whose contributions have had a positive impact in the Entrepreneurial/Small Business sector (companies employing less than 50 employees).  Kate Gallagher is the Chief Operating Officer with Advanced Metrics in Mountville, Pa.

Kate was a winner of the Central Penn Business Journal’s Forty Under 40 Award which celebrates business leaders who are committed to business growth, professional excellence, and community service.

Sue Mukerjee

Dr. Sue Mukherjee won this year’s WIT IMPACT AWARD – PUBLIC SECTOR/GOVERNMENT.  This award recognizes a woman in technology whose contributions have had an impact in the Public Section/Government.  Dr. Mukherjee is the Senior Vice President for Strategy and Student Success with Shippensburg University in Shippensburg, Pa. 

Her accomplishments include creating executive leadership academies, guiding higher education accreditation process, creating data informed platforms for skills building strategy, and instituting modern platforms for assessment and institutional effectiveness.

Lindsey Chimel

Lindsey Chimel won this year’s WIT DIVERSITY & INCLUSION AWARD.  This award recognizes an individual’s active commitment to inclusion and diversity in technology.  Lindsey Chimel is a Senior Data Analyst with Parsons Corporation. 

Lindsey and her team develop enterprise-wide reporting and analysis solutions for Human Resources, Finance, Internal Audit, and Vendor Management. Most recently, Lindsey led development on a reporting solution with AI/ML capabilities that realized an ROI of more than two hundred million dollars.

Melissa Wall

Melissa Wall won this year’s WIT NEXT GEN AWARD.  This award recognizes an up-and-coming young woman who is making a difference in technology in our region.  Melissa Wall is a Senior Software Engineer with Industrial Resolution in Lancaster, Pa. 

Melissa is involved with the Make717 makerspace, and community and educational outreach for students interested in STE(A)M careers by participating in career fairs, alumni events, job shadowing, mentoring, and more.

Carol Wellington

Dr. Carol Wellington won this year’s WIT MOXIE AWARD.  This award recognizes a pioneer who has blazed the trail for other women in technology to follow.  Dr. Wellington is a Professor of Software Engineering with Shippensburg University in Shippensburg, Pa.

Her courses leverage her industry experience and her academic experience, immersing her students in hands-on learning, providing them actual engineering experience, through partnerships with industry leaders like Deloitte, Volvo, and NASA.  Seeing the potential that Ship had, she transformed Ship's computer science program, growing it from a small department into the new School of Engineering, offering 5 engineering disciplines.  Now Ship can provide the same hands-on engineering experience for all types of engineers.

Caitlin Coliccho and Clair Cuvo won this year's Women In Tech scholarships. Caitlin is a junior at Bucknell University and Clair is a sophomore at Elizabethtown College. 

TCCP awards WIT Scholarships to encourage women to continue to excel in technology related disciplines such as computing, engineering and life sciences.  Two scholarships ($1500 and $1000) were awarded at this year’s WIT Awards. 

Caitlin Colicchio

Caitlin Coliccho is a biomedical engineering major. She plans to pursue a career in which she can work to improve and design cost-effective prosthetics for children.

Clair Cuvo

Clair Cuvo is an environmental engineering major. She wants to use her education to create a brighter and greener future by advancing the use of renewable energy and sustainable technology; all while showing the world that anyone is fit to be an engineer.

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