Williamsport, Pa. -- The lasting impacts of COVID-19, like the ability to work from home and fear of a second wave, are changing the factors that influence where people want to move. People are fleeing densely-populated cities like New York and Philadelphia, and soon, they could be your new neighbor.

Business Insider recently released a list of "The 21 best cities in the Northeast to live in after the coronavirus," which ranked places based on factors people thinking about moving would consider. The list included four locations in NorthCentral PA: Williamsport (#16), Bloomsburg (#15), State College(#4), and Harrisburg (#14). 

The measures used to determine the list included "the pre-coronavirus unemployment rate, ability to work from home, population density, housing affordability, monthly housing costs, cost of living, average travel time to work, total elementary- and secondary-school spending per student, and share of residents age 25 and over who have at least a bachelor's degree," according to the article

The Central PA locations were listed alongside larger cities like Hartford, Ct. and Portland, Me. 

A renewed interest in rural American towns is just one example of how people's tastes and preferences have been influenced by the economic and social changes ushered in by COVID. 

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