Latrobe, Pa. – Sometimes life is tough. Sometimes, it really stinks. One unlucky family is experiencing just how stinky life can be after a skunk sprayed the inside of their entire home. 

According to a report by Kiss 95.1FM, a family in Latrobe, Pa. is rebuilding their entire home after a skunk entered through the doggy door and proceeded to spray the entire inside of the home. 

After entering the home through the doggy door, the skunk spent nearly three hours inside the home with the family's dogs, according to the homeowner, causing the animal to release its smelly spray all over the home.

While the home is repaired the family is living in an apartment downtown. According to Kiss 95.1FM, the family has already spent over $30,000 repairing the damage. 

Unfortunately, skunk-spraying is not covered by insurance, which means the family is on the hook for 100% of the repair costs. 

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