HomeMade Days in Brandon Park, Williamsport, has a long and celebrated history, drawing crowds to the 43-acre canopied park for arts and crafts, food, and live entertainment for many years.

The two-day event brings local and regional artists and artisans who sell their handmade items, from fine art to jewelry; soaps, lotions, and potions to metalworks, baked goods, woodwork, plants, fudge, pottery, jams and salsas and much more.

This year’s arts and crafts event will run Friday, June 21 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. through Saturday, June 22 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Event planners continue to find new and interesting vendors to show their talents and offer delicious foods throughout the weekend.

Regulars to HomeMade Days will be delighted to discover new food and craft vendors, as well as their familiar and favorite vendors from over the years.

“A few favorites coming back are a vendor from Maryland who cooks made-to-order food on a Thai steam table, and a vendor from Bristol, Tennessee, who makes homemade lemonade with fresh fruits,” said Jessie Novinger, Director of Recreation & Special Events for the City of Williamsport. Food is a big draw to the event, and “we have a unique and wide variety, including fresh, healthy, and made-to-order food.”

The event has a laid-back, weekend festival feel that’s perfect for families. The park includes a playground, accessible bathrooms, water stations for handwashing. Event tents with tables and chairs are available to sit and enjoy a meal, or you’re invited to bring lawn chairs or blankets to spread out on the lawn by the band shell to listen to music.

HomeMade Days is free admission, and free parking is available all around the park.

The planning committee works year-round with the City, the Brandon Park Commission, and vendors to make this event special. Volunteers include a steadfast group from the Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Saints who help park cars. Major sponsors include Ken Bergen, Farrington Place, Honey Dippers, and NorthcentralPa.com.

“Brandon Park is Williamsport’s Central Park,” said Thad Meckley, Chair of HomeMade Days. “It’s a family and community-oriented place, and the arts and crafts event brings pride and tradition back to Brandon Park each year. I’d like to thank Jess (Jessie Novinger) for helping to keep it alive and moving forward each year.” Novinger is taking a new job at the end of June and will soak in her last HomeMade Days as the Event Coordinator.

Spread the word, visit the City of Williamsport Recreation Department on Facebook, and NorthcentralPa.com for updates, and plan to attend this year’s HomeMade Days in Brandon Park.