Flight 800 sky above_2019.jpg

“On Sunday evening, July 21, 1996, a cloud in the from of an angel appeared above the Montoursville high school.  At the angel’s feet were twenty-one smaller white clouds, at first in a circle, then appearing in two straight rows. Two small rainbows appeared and arched over the Montoursville community. The sky was unusually calm that evening and was a beautiful shade of blue.  A smaller dove shaped cloud formed and the sky became a magnificent color of pink and blue, clearing as sunset arrived. Many who witnessed these formations felt a calm inner peace. As word spread throughout the community of these events, an overwhelming sense of spiritual support developed.  The angel became a symbol that linked the community to those aboard Flight 800. This image captured on film by a local resident, is believed by many to have been a sign that communicated the well-being of our loved ones.” --From the Flight 800 Memorial in Montoursville. Photo courtesy of Steve Bagwell