cut your own tree

"Get The Tree Day" is an official holiday at our house, and it's probably my absolute favorite holiday.  From the time the kids were little, they would each take turns sawing down the tree.  When Luke went off to the Air Force, the first year he missed out on Get the Tree Day - he skyped us while we cut down the tree.  

Dan is a huge fan of the stand straight tree stands - where the tree is drilled, and then set on the stand, so it's absolutely straight with no effort.  So when looking for a place to get our Christmas tree, we look for places that drill - and of course, places where we can cut our own.  One year we went to a tree farm in Bloomsburg where a horse drawn wagon carried us and our tree back to the shop. 
Twice we've been to Elf Mountain, where a tractor and wagon took us to the area to cut our tree, and then back to the shop with our tree to pay. 
Many, many years we've gone to Kohls for our tree.  I should probably mention that we get TWO trees each year - one on Get The Tree day, as a family, and one usually about a week later, just Dan and I, for our anniversary.  Dan gets me a live tree for our bedroom for our anniversary, instead of roses. 

These are a few of the locations around us where you can cut your own tree - please let me know if I am missing any!

Kohls Stony Hill Tree Farm & Christmas Shop, Milton PA

Huge Christmas ornament shop downstairs, with a nice selection of Christmas crafts and a toy train display upstairs.  Large selection of trees - you can cut your own, or choose from a few that have been precut for you. They DO drill and wrap.

The Tree Farm - Watsontown PA

Located on River Road In Watsontown Pa., this is a little place, but they have had some really nice trees. We've gotten our tree here the past two years.  Very friendly, and they DO drill and wrap. It's the closest place to us, and the prices were a bit lower than Kohls...

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