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The fall colors in our area are expected to peak around the week of Oct. 19th,  2019.  Although the prediction is always just a guess, it is usually very accurate!   The map below will show estimates for a variety of dates across the United States.
 A warm wet spring, favorable summer weather, and warm sunny fall days with cool nights are the best combination to produce the most brilliant autumn colors.  
See the fall foliage prediction map here -
You can move the slider through the dates to see the predicted peak areas for each date.

Where To View The Leaves

In the central Susquehanna valley, we are fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful trees, and the fall colors will be hard to miss.  The drive on 180 from Turbotville to Muncy is frequently stunning, and is just a normal commute.  Our local parks, especially those with lakes nearby, such as Montour Preserve, Lake Jean, and Ricketts Glen.  If you are up to a bit of a drive, the overlooks at Mt Pisgah, Worlds End, and the PA Grand Canyon also offer spectacular views.  Fall is also a beautiful time to take a trip on the Hiawatha Riverboat in Williamsport, or to bike along the Pine Creek Rail Trail a bit to the north.  

Ticklish Rock

Located 30 minutes from Watsontown, just outside of Tivoli PA.

Only open to the public on Sundays September through January, the views from this vista are spectacular, and it's a fairly short easy hike.

Rider Park 

Located outside of Williamsport in Trout Run, Rider Park has beautiful trails and vistas.

Hiawatha Paddle Boat

The Hiawatha travels a beautiful stretch of the river year round, and continues to run on week-ends through the peak leaf season.  Find the schedule here -

Mt Pisgah Alter

A beautiful overlook located near Beaver Springs Pa, this alter is a sigh to see any time of year, with a panoramic view of the valley.

R.B. Winter State Park (Halfway Dam)

Halfway Dam is one of the best places to swim all summer long, but come fall, it continues to be a beautiful destination.  There's an overlook you can drive to, with a short trail with more vistas nearby, and all of the trails, whether a steep hike uphill or a gentle walk along the creek, will take you through beautiful wooded areas.

The Canyon Vista At World's End State Park

Another spectacular vista, less than an hour north of Williamsport.  Just a short walk from the parking area, this view is easily accessible with an ADA trail.

The Pine Creek Rail Trail

The photo at the top of this spot is from Rattlesnake rock along the Pine Creek Rail Trail.  This is a beautiful section to bike any time of year, but especially pretty in the fall!

The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon

Located about an hour fficially named Leonard Harrison State Park, the view here is wonderful, and there are several viewing platforms, and a nice easy loop trail.  Often in the fall there will be food trucks and vendors as well.  When we visited last year, we had wonderful Maple lattes and maple funnel cakes.

The Kinzua Bridge

This state park is located about 2 hours & 30 minutes from Williamsport.  The views here are amazing, and it's a great sight to see any time of the year, but especially spectacular in the fall!

Take A Train Ride Through The Lehigh Gorge

The train ride winds along the gorge, with beautiful views.  For even more fun, book one of the bike trains, where you load your bike onto a train (or you can rent a bike there) and ride the train to the top, then bike back down.  Unfortunately, these bike trains are not available in the peak leaf season in October, but there are trips in September and November.

Fall Drives

If you would like to view the leaves from your car, Penn Live put together a great list of fall drives to see the leaves, back in 2017 -


Only three regions of the world support trees that display autumn color.  They are Eastern North America, The British Isles and parts of Northwestern Europe, and Northeastern China & Northern Japan. According to the DCNR website, Pennsylvania has the longest, and most varied, fall foliage season in the world.  

  "Pennsylvania is the meeting ground of northern trees that flourish only on mountain tops farther south and southern species that are at the northern limits of their range."