ringing rocks

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Ringing Rocks Park is located on Ringing Rocks Road in Upper Black Eddy, Pa.

Another place that has been on my list for a very long time!  This was a fun stop!
The field, similar but smaller than nearby Boulder field, is a short, flat walk from the parking area.  Bring your own hammer. (It's kind of funny to see groups of people with hammers walking out of the trail towards their cars.)

At first it seems daunting to locate the rocks that "ring" in this field. But if you stop for a minute and look around, there are white indentations on many of the rocks. That's a good sign that those are the ones that ring.  

According to Wikipedia, "Ringing rocks, also known as sonorous rocks or lithophonic rocks, are rocks that resonate like a bell when struck, such as the Musical Stones of Skiddaw in the English Lake District; the stones in Ringing Rocks Park, in Upper Black Eddy, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; the Ringing Rocks of Kiandra, New South Wales; and the Bell Rock Range of Western Australia. Ringing rocks are used in idiophonic musical instruments called lithophones." 

I was so excited to finally get to the rocks, that I somehow missed there is also a waterfall just a short walk from this parking area!! Obviously, we will be returning to this area....

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