5 hikes

See a unique rock, explore abandoned bunkers, see a waterfall, enjoy incredible vistas and learn about vernal pools, and take a road trip to an incredible trail of 1,000 steps built by miners for their daily commute to work.  Here are five hikes to take this spring:

Jacoby Falls trail, near Montoursville

Jacoby Falls, off RT 87 in Montoursville, is a beautiful waterfall that does tend to dry up quite a bit in the summer.  Spring is the best time to see this one.  The hike is not too difficult at all, and is about 3.5 miles round trip. (Both Eders Ice Cream and Pier 87 are great places to visit while in this area)

Read more about this hike, and how to see these falls, here:


Ticklish Rock near Picture Rocks 

From September - Jan this hike is limited to Sundays only (for hunting season) but the rest of the year you can visit any day of the week.  The walk up the hill is pretty easy - but you will have to scramble down the side if you want this view of the rock.  

Hike is around half of a mile round trip, with a beautiful view of the valley, and this unique rock.

Read more about Ticklish Rock, and how to get to it, here:


Glacial Pools Preserve above Hughesville

Glacial Pools Preserve reminds me of a much more rustic Montour Preserve.  There are no buildings or pavilions here but there are beautiful views, great trails, and lots of interpretive signs.

Located above Hughesville PA, your hike can be as long, or short, as you would like, with a variety of looping and connecting trails. 

Read more about Glacial Pools Preserve here:


Hike around the abandoned bunkers near Allenwod, Pa.

In the game lands near Allenwood, you can hike around, and even look inside, the abandoned TNT Bunkers.  Read more about the history of Alvira, and the bunkers, here:

Two hours away - but such a great hike - 

Two hours to the southwest of us is the Thousand Steps Trail.  A hiking trail of 1,000 stone steps straight up the side of a mountain.  It's a serious climb, but years ago, this was merely the miners commute to work.  It's a bit of a drive to get here, but this is a really unique trip, with incredible views.  Be sure to walk around and explore the trails at the top - there's a lot to see up there!

Read more about the 1,000 Steps Trail: https://susquehannavalley.blogspot.com/2019/04/the-thousand-steps-trail.html