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This drive through Washingtonville, Turbotville, and Milton will take you past the hidden log cabin found in Washingtonville, the Fort used in the Revolutionary War in Turbotville, two covered bridges, an octagon one-room school house, a traditional one room school house, and you will even s…

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In 1923, a wooden cross was erected on a hill in Williamsport, and Easter Sunrise services were held there. 

In March of 1865, the Civil War was coming to an end, and the men from the Susquehanna Valley were beginning to journey home at last. And then, the spring thaw was met with spring rains, and every major river in Pennsylvania flooded, destroying homes, railroads, bridges, and most of the trav…

See a unique rock, explore abandoned bunkers, see a waterfall, enjoy incredible vistas and learn about vernal pools, and take a road trip to an incredible trail of 1,000 steps built by miners for their daily commute to work.  Here are five hikes to take this spring:

Growing up here in the Susquehanna Valley, there are so many things we take for granted. Plenty of Farmers markets, loads of history,  a festival for everything (we even have festivals for the first and last Fridays of the month) and plenty of places to bike, hike, and kayak.  We have dozens…

Dr. Joseph Priestly, who lived the last ten years of his life in Northumberland Pa., is known for his discovery of oxygen (he called it "dephologisticated air") Ammonia, and Nitric Oxide. He was an English clergyman, political theorist, and physical scientist.

From 15, Drive out 44, and turn left onto Devitt Camp Road. In a short distance, you will see Love written on the hill.  A wooden cross stands at the top of the design. The area is maintained in memory of Ike Sunanday, who designed the image.  

Local Artist Annie M. Snyder, from Salona (near Mill Hall) struggled to make a living from art all her life and, at one point, was peddling raffle tickets for her paintings door to door. 

In 1958, Lycoming College's  president, Dr. D. Frederick Wertz re-instated the Chapel Speakers series.  Dr Martin Luther King was one of several speakers at the college that year.

Nine years before Amelia Earhart  took her first flight, a man from Sunbury, PA was building, and flying, planes over Northumberland and Snyder County.  He was the first pilot to ever do so. Local factories closed down, as people lined the streets to see the "bird man" fly over Selinsgrove.

You could not drag me kicking and screaming into a restaurant on Valentine's Day. WAY too crowded, and usually overpriced, for me. I would rather stay home and cook. My favorite menu is prime rib, or steaks, and heart-shaped pierogies.


"It was not a plea for the negro.  It was a plea for man, for a fair chance for all, and then an injunction for all to work.  Steady, persevering work, he contended, was the only substantial road to greatness." 

In the early 1900's, Billmeyers Park in Washingtonville, Pa. contained 20 elk, 70 deer, and hundreds of wild turkeys. No hunting was allowed, and admission was free. The 25-acre park was owned by Alex Billmeyer, a former congressman.

Emma Eliza (Ward) Bucknell was the third wife of wealthy businessman William Bucknell. A real estate dealer and agent, builder of gas and water works, owner of coal and iron mines, Bucknell made a large donation when the University at Lewisburg was in dire financial difficulties.

Geocaching is a game using a gps.  It's jokingly referred to as "What happens when nerds go outside." Containers, known as "geocaches" are hidden all around you. It could be a small magnet, or a full size ammo can - but in this area, it's very likely you have passed one at some point. Player…

Located less than 20 minutes north of Muncy, Glacier Pools Preserve is a  A 270 acre island of mature woods, wildflower meadows, and vernal (glacial) pools. The area is open to the public for walking pets, hiking, photography, birdwatching, and other low-impact recreation.