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Williamsport, Pa. - The rift between Lycoming County Commissioners and office of the independently-elected County Controller Krista Rogers seems to have found its ultimate conclusion.

In a decision by Visiting Judge John Leete, Potter County, every accusation county commissioners had made against Rogers personally, as well as the office of the county controller itself, was thrown out.

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According to paperwork just filed in the office of the Lycoming County Prothonotary, all claims by the commissioner's have been denied by Judge Leete. 

"Having considered these factors, the court finds that the plantiff has failed to demonstrate an irreparable injury that would occur absent, entry, of a preliminary injunction," the document stated.

Papers filed in the prothonotary's office further state, "... the court finds there is insufficient basis for the entry of interim relief. Plantiffs petiton for a preliminary injunction, are therefore, denied. The courts order of April 20, 2021, entering a temporary restraining order, is hereby, vacated."

While the court decision went against the logic presented by commissioners, potentially the case could still create a further tax burden on Lycoming County taxpayers, depending which - if any - legal maneuver may, or may not, be taken by Commissioners Scott Metzger, Tony Mussare, and Rick Mirabito.

County Administrator Matt McDermott said an official statement by commissioners will be released, pending their approval.

This story's conclusion is ongoing.

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