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Write-in candidates eyeing this year’s new paper ballot voting system are prompted by the Lycoming County Voter Services to forgo handing out voting stickers, fearing paper jams could disrupt votes. 

“Please do not affix stickers, labels, stamps, or other additional material to a ballot to cast a write-in vote,” according to a Voter Services statement. “While not prohibited by law, the use of stickers is strongly discouraged because it can prevent individual ballots from being scanned or even damage the precinct scanning equipment.”

The Pennsylvania Election Code, passed in 1937, allows for stickers to be placed on ballots, so Lehman said it cannot be forbidden, however his office has taken a position against stickers because it may cause the machine to jam or the stickers may be removed during the scanning process.  

Stickers often are used because if a candidate’s name is not written correctly on the ballot the vote will not count, according to Forrest Lehman, director of voter services. However, with the introduction of a predominantly paper ballot system, stickers could cause more problems than they solve, Lehman said. 

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“It might not serve the voters interests if there vote can’t ultimately be counted,” Lehman said. “As technology has gotten more sophisticated it also has gotten more sensitive.

In addition, simply placing the sticker on the ballot will not...

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