The commissioners approved PHARE funds for local non-profits during their Tuesday meeting. See the full list of action items here: 

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Approve accounts payable cash requirements report for invoices due through  08/04/2021 to be paid on 07/28/2021 in the amount of $4,043,185.81. PASS 2-0

  • The majority of this amount is debt service, grant pass-through funds and Resource Management Funds.. 

  • According to Commissioner Rick Mirabito, just over $300,000 is from property taxes. 


Approve the following personnel action(s):  PASS 2-0

  • Prison- Danielle T. Smith, Full-Time Replacement, Female Correctional Officer  Relief, Paygrade CO1, $17.46/ hourly. Effective 8/1/2021. 

  • Prison- Luke Chubb, Full-Time Replacement, Correctional Officer Relief,  Paygrade CO1, $17.46/ hourly. Effective 8/1/2021.

  • Prison- Jennifer Gies, Full-Time Replacement, Female Correctional Officer  Relief, Paygrade CO1, $17.46/ hourly. Effective 8/1/2021. 

  • Maintenance- Ruby Savin, Full-Time Replacement, Custodial Worker, Paygrade  2, $11.91/Hourly. Effective 8/2/2021. 

  • Planning & Community Development- Christopher Hodges, Full-Time  Replacement/Promotion, Subdivision & Land Development Administrator,  Paygrade 7, $35,642.46/Salary. Effective 8/8/2021. 


Vote on Real Estate Refund: PASS 2-0

44-315-135 – William Barto – $259.76 

  • House destroyed by fire

48-233-126.B – Samuel & Jane Slattery – $108.34 

  • A mathematical error which was corrected and changed the property acreage amount. 


Vote to revise Policy 702 – Commissioners’ Meetings and Agendas. PASS 2-0

  • This requires that action items be approved by county Chief Clerk Matt McDermott before being placed on the agenda. This also requires that the agenda be posted at least 24 hours before the meeting. 

Vote to award 2021 PHARE grant funds in the amount of  $948,000. 2021 budgeted item.  PASS 2-0

See the liste of PHARE grant fund budgeted items here.

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