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Growing up in the western end of Schuylkill County in the Coal Region, we had access to great potatoes from local farms.  Whenever my local hosie (fire company) served a buffet dinner or did catering (for one of our iconic Coal Region “fire-hall weddings”), we went right to the farm and purchased those lovely Pa. grown potatoes by the 50 pound bags.

When my mom did the family grocery shopping Friday evenings (on Dad’s pay day), we had easy access to those same potatoes at all the local grocery stores. And so, growing up, my family had mashed potatoes…a LOT!  I remember having them at many meals throughout the week (and ALWAYS with a holiday dinner).

Inevitably, there were some mashed potatoes left over from some meals. My Mom used to gather those together in the fridge and make leftover mashed potato patties at the end of the week.  Browned in a cast iron pan in some butter and oil, they were crispy on the edges and creamy in the middle. These simple but delicious patties bring back very fond memories of my mom in the kitchen and me chatting away with her while I sat at the kitchen table waiting for her to fry up a batch.

You can gild these as you please – add some fried, crumbled bacon bits, or even some shredded cheese to the basic potato mixture.  I like to form the patties and press some Panko breadcrumbs on to the outside to crisp them up even more.

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