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As a Dutchie and Coal Cracker, I never met a noodle or dough ball I didn’t like.  Add cheese to the noodles or dough, and I am in 7th heaven. This casserole does that and, needless to say, is one of my favorites. 

I was introduced to this dish by my best friend, Peg. Peg lived in Ashland, PA (Schuylkill County) for nearly four decades, but grew up in the Lehigh Valley and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania area. Peg’s Mom was the typical PA Dutch cook who could make something from nothing and this casserole fit the bill to feed a hungry family without breaking the budget.

Layers of egg noodles tossed with a can of condensed cream of chicken soup, cheese, and lightly sweetened tomato soup/burger mix come together in a dish sure to become a family favorite.

Eat in, take out

A pot-luck friendly, “travels-well” dish, it is kid-friendly and can be prepared ahead of baking time. I prefer to use the individually wrapped “American processed cheese” slices from the grocery refrigerated section for their melting quality in this recipe, but you can substitute deli sliced “American cheese”.  I also use medium width noodles in this dish so the sauce and cheese melts and blends through nicely during baking.

The end result is a creamy, flavorful casserole great for a supper anytime of the year. You can freeze leftovers, too; chill them, cut the leftovers in serving size pieces, wrap tightly in plastic wrap, then store in a freezer zip top bag. Thaw, heat in the microwave, and enjoy.

I pair this with Pennsylvania Dutch Pepper Cabbage and it becomes the ultimate comfort food meal for me!

NOTE: When draining noodles after cooking, do not drain them perfectly dry; leave them slightly damp so that the undiluted cream of chicken soup mixes in nicely.  I dump the noodles into a colander, shake twice, and return to the pot for easy mixing with the soup.

My secret touch

Most recipes call for 1 can each of condensed tomato soup and cream of chicken soup but I use two of each; this results in a creamier casserole.

Budget-friendly tip

Take advantage of the lower prices of store brand condensed soups over the big brand name for this recipe; the end results are just as good using the more budget friendly line.

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