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Lazy Man’s Pierogi (aka “Polish Noodles“, “Noodles and Cottage Cheese“) is simple, filling, and a family favorite of all ages.

Growing up in The Coal Region, and in particular my corner of it — Schuylkill County — meant pierogi were a part of everyday life. Meatless meal Fridays, wedding receptions, holiday dinners, and food stands at church picnics and fire company block parties all involved pierogi. I highly suspect the “Dutchie” in me embraces pierogi because of my life long love affair with doughs and noodles.

However much a fan I am though, making pierogi in the traditional form can be labor-intensive and time consuming. That is the top reason making handmade pierogi is often reserved for holidays or other special occasions. This “lazy man’s pierogi” recipe lets you enjoy the taste of traditional pierogi without all the work.

This dish is not the same as Polish “Leniwe Pierogi” (aka “lazy pierogi” in Poland). That “lazy pierogi” is a dish consisting of a mix of flour, egg, and cheese which is then made into a dough, rolled into a log and cut. The pieces of dough turn into dumpling when boiled.

This version of “lazy pierogi” is an Americanized dish that comes together quickly using only five simple pantry and dairy ingredients, plus salt and pepper, to make a quick, hearty meal any night of the week. The dish heats up nicely and makes a great snack or lunch the next day.

My tip for this dish: don’t skip the sour cream. It adds depth and richness to the dish that takes it to the next level.

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