Halupki (Cabbage Rolls) PHOTO

A Coalcracker in the Kitchen

In the Anthracite Coal Region of Northeast Pennsylvania, we enjoy a potato sausage known to many of us as Kishki. Kishki is not to be confused with Kiszka (Kishke); meat sausage, usually prepared with animal blood and buckwheat groats.

Kishki is likened to kugelis, but the potato mixture is stuffed into casings rather than simply baked in a casserole dish.

Kishki is finished in the oven to a golden brown.

I have heard Shenandoah (PA) residents jokingly call it “albino kielbasa” because of it’s pale color!

Getting stuffed

Stuff the casings using a sausage stuffer or push the potato mixture into the casing using a funnel. Add milk or flour as needed to the potato mixture to get a texture that allows you to stuff the casings using your desired method.

To use a funnel, slip the open end of a prepared casing over the tube of a funnel and work the casing onto the tube, leaving about 3 inches free for tying a secure knot. Press the filling mixture through the funnel and into the casing by forcing it with a wooden spoon or your thumb. Tie off into lengths as desired.

Finding casings

Casings can be obtained through butcher shops, some grocery stores, farmers’ markets, bulk food stores, sausage-making shops, or online.

Double, triple, or increase this recipe as desired! Create the size links you want or make into one long rope.

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