2022-01-12 ride of the week


As is the case in many classic car situations, you work on one thing and that leads to another, and another, and another. Such is the case with Joe Monaghan’s 1948 Willys Panel Truck. 

When he purchased it 10 years ago it was equipped with a Chevy small block that was tired, so Joe replaced it with a fresher Chevy 350, then came paint, then interior, then wheels and so on and so on.

Joe was attracted to it because he like the looks of it. He found it in Bradford, PA. The owner was selling because his eyesight was failing. He used to tow a cabin cruiser across country to California where he and his wife would spend the winter, just living on the boat like travel trailer. No wonder that old motor was tired! 

As it turns out the V8 that was in it came from a 1957 Corvette. Joe has the engine for sale on eBay if any readers have a ’57 Vette restoration looking for a period correct powerplant. 

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