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WILLIAMSPORT – After being convicted of a crime, reentering society is a difficult battle, one that Nicole English is eager to be a part of. 

Located less than 20 minutes north of Muncy, Glacier Pools Preserve is a  A 270 acre island of mature woods, wildflower meadows, and vernal (glacial) pools. The area is open to the public for walking pets, hiking, photography, birdwatching, and other low-impact recreation. 

Many of us here in the Coal Region well remember our grandparents or parents sitting down to enjoy a food from their childhood that we, as children, thought was terribly unappealing and shied away from.

Ringing Rocks Park is located on Ringing Rocks Road in Upper Black Eddy, Pa.http://www.visitbuckscounty.com/listing/ringing-rocks-park/453/

In the Coal Region, and in some other regions in the U.S., a green bell pepper is referred to as a “mango.“ I grew up in Schuylkill County hearing this term, not realizing that there was a fruit that bore the same moniker until I was well past childhood. Now, I understand that the real mango…

When I hear that the Pennsylvania Dutch custom of eating pork and sauerkraut stems from "pig always pushes forward for better food as the symbol of man's hope for a better life in the near year, instead of the meat of a fowl which scratches the earth backwards," I roll my 5th generation Penn…

On Thursday, Lt. Governor John Fetterman, Secretary of Agriculture Russell Redding, and Eagles mascot Swoop unveiled the highly-anticipated 2020 butter sculpture for this year's Pennsylvania Farm Show, which is taking place from January 4 to January 11 in Harrisburg. This year's sculpture de…

My husband was born and raised right outside Boston, Massachusetts and grew up in New England. He had heard of pork and sauerkraut but was not all that familiar with the dish.

Williamsport – Parents often hold their kids hostage to the same vices and demons that have plagued them for so long, and for Jennifer Stack, her mom’s demons followed her from childhood until she also became a parent. 


In November of 2018, a three-man band from York, Pa., with no recording label, no manager, and no radio support became famous almost overnight, for their cover of the song, "You're A Mean, One Mr. Grinch."

Most of us are aware that in 1942 the government seized the town of Alvira and surrounding towns, evicting the residents and bulldozing the farms to build The Pennsylvania Ordinance Works, a TNT manufacturing and storage facility for the war effort.  (You can read more about that here.)  


After years of battling a seemingly unending heroin epidemic, Fentanyl has taken over as the area’s drug-of-choice and experts find that many overdose victims have such a range of drugs in their system it’s often unclear which one killed them.

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