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When I was a kid growing up in Schuylkill County in the Anthracite Coal Region, one of the rituals my family participated in was a weekly (or almost weekly) visit to a farmers’ market/”auction” to pick up fresh produce, baked goods, flea market finds and other items the household needed for …

Chow chow is quintessential Pennsylvania. Dutch; a sweet and sour mix of pickled vegetables often served as a side dish next to other Pa. Dutch classic foods.

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Williamsport, Pa. -- Maya Wilborn, of Williamsport, no longer is fazed by being the only Black woman in the room. Born and raised in this predominantly white city, she didn’t think about this difference between herself and her white peers until middle school. 


For a boy doctors said would never speak, Daniel Temons, of Loyalsock Township, sure has a lot to say. He’s a 26-year-old who loves his family, has a passion for entertaining, a lifelong love of Jim Henson’s The Muppets,  and dreams of working for Hollywood’s Henson Studios. Daniel also has …

Nothing says summer has arrived and it is time to kiss the memories of the last winter goodbye like when the first of the fresh strawberries arrive in the Coal Region. Our area is blessed by an abundance of farmers’ markets and roadside stands at which you will find a plethora of harvest fre…

He wasn’t riding the bus everyday, or carrying piles of books into the classroom, but in September, 2018, 5-year-old Oliver Doyle wanted a backpack. It took some convincing to get his mother Melissa Doyle on board, but soon the pair were on their way to Walmart. 

When I was young, my Nana (grandmother) worked in a clothing factory as so many other women did in The Coal Region.

For many of us in the Coal Region, halupki — cabbage rolls — are at the top of our comfort food list. They evoke fond memories of family dinners and holiday celebrations; our grandmother or “the church ladies” in the kitchen, boiling cabbage, stuffing and rolling the leaves — electric roaste…

The early years of my childhood connect to fond memories of hours in the kitchen, watching my Mom and Nana (grandmother) at the stove turning out dishes they were known for.

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In the Anthracite Coal Region of Northeast Pennsylvania, we enjoy a potato sausage known to many of us as Kishki. Kishki is not to be confused with Kiszka (Kishke); meat sausage, usually prepared with animal blood and buckwheat groats.

In many small towns in The Coal Region, the center of activity is the local fire company and its usually attached social hall/bar.

My introduction to this lovely dish came quite recently. In Johnstown (PA) one of the great summer events held annually is the Cambria City Ethnic Fest, a multi-day affair spread out over the space of several blocks in the Cambria City section of the city.

I am a huge fan of beans and remember eating butter beans as far back as my memory will go. So, it is no wonder this recipe quickly became a favorite of mine.  What makes it different than typical baked bean dishes is that it uses condensed tomato soup rather than tomato sauce or ketchup in …

Macaroni salad recipes are as diverse as the cooks that create it. The “best” is the one you like best.