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On July 9, 23, and 31, 2019, students and families can stop in the Benton MS/HS library to choose summer reading items, browse new titles, or check out the new technology! The library will be open 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. 

“Students are BUSY during the school year! When they finally have a few extra hours in the day, I hope they make some time to find a reading type they enjoy,” said Megan Aten, Library Media Specialist at Benton Area Middle/High School.

“Reading builds stamina. Much the same way athletes exercise to increase their ability to last through tough matches, a reader improves his or her stamina and ability to tackle tough or unfamiliar texts. I encourage young people to find their voice and make their choice!” Aten added.

According to research at Haskins Laboratories for the Science of the Spoken and Written Word, "reading, unlike watching or listening to media, gives the brain more time to stop, think, process, and imagine the narrative in front of us," says The Reading Brain (Why your brain needs you to read every day.)

Not sure what to read? Check out this list of titles from Project LIT (Libraries In The) Community, a grassroots effort by one teacher in Nashville, Tenn., to engage his students in reading. The titles, for middle grades and young adults, are meaningful to today’s youth, chosen by young readers.

Interested in ebooks? Students have access! Stop in the Benton MS/HS library--if you’re a student of that district, or any library to which you have access--and learn where to find ebooks and how to check them out!