mansfield shooter scenario training.jpg

The active shooter simulations on Mansfield University's campus at Laurel Hall, a retired and unoccupied dorm. Source: Mansfield University

The Mansfield University Nursing program and Municipal Police Academy conducted a first-of-its-kind active shooter simulation this week to provide practical experience for nursing students and cadets.

During the simulation, an experienced law enforcement officer played the role of a disgruntled visitor to a personal care home with a gun while nursing students and police cadets worked to assist actors playing victims and de-escalate the situation.

The simulation was held on campus at Laurel Hall, a retired and unoccupied dorm.

"The medical community and the law enforcement community work a lot together" explained Director of Police Services and Safety Scott Henry. "The need for collaboration, the need to learn from the training process is even greater than from when I started."

When not participating in the scenario, students and cadets played the role of actors in the simulation for other students. Campus Police & Safety, and Mansfield EMS, were also involved in the simulation.

"I think that they did well" said Susan Lanzara, chairperson of the Health Sciences Department. "It was a very good learning experience for them."

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