The East Lycoming School District opted for a total reopening this school year. A remote learning option is available if desired. The district will follow CDC guidelines on social distancing and implement an updated and improved cleaning regimen. The school will increase ventilation rates during occupied hours and increase outside air rates from 20% to 30%. Some additional notes about their safety plan are as follows:

Face Coverings

The district has purchased face masks for students and face guards for teachers. Masks will be required at all times on school property where six feet of social distancing is not possible.


At the elementary level, students will remain in their assigned classroom in a static setting daily, except for lunch and recess. At the high school level, “one-way” hallways will be implemented to reduce traffic and interaction.


Students are encouraged to have money deposited to their accounts to restrict monetary exchange. Students will not be allowed to serve themselves and will be provided with boxed or otherwise pre-packaged lunches. At the elementary level, lunch will be restricted to only one or two grades at a time.

For more information on East Lycoming School District and their 2020-2021 safety plan, click here.

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