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Hughesville, Pa. — East Lycoming School District is paying the tuition of charter school students in their district, just as the district pays student tuition for brick-and-mortar schools. This system has led one board member to raise their concerns publicly.

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As national debate circles around transgender athletes, Pennsylvania legislators are attempting to set new guidelines for gender-based sports performance at the state level, a decision which may be met with dissent.

Annville -- A cooperative effort between the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs and the National Guard Bureau, in consultation with the state Department of Education, will open the Keystone State Challenge Academy (KSCA) this summer. Applications are now open for the Academy.

In the Governor's STEM competition, students throughout Pennsylvania have an opportunity to engage in long-term research alongside other students and mentors, and then formally present their findings at a research symposium. The program also provides opportunities to work with local communit…