Williamsport -- Lycoming College recently celebrated Staff Appreciation Day. Ten staff members earned awards for their excellence on the job and dedication to the college:

Debbie Smith, class of 2017 alumna and current faculty administrative assistant, was named the Lycoming College Employee of the Year. Smith joined Lycoming College in 2000 as an administrative assistant to development before moving into her current role in 2006. She now supports the following departments: biology, astronomy, physics, chemistry and biochemistry. A 2017 graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in accounting, Smith also is the assistant director of Lycoming College for Kids and Teens. In 2014, Smith won the Benjamin Crever Outstanding Service Award.

Class of 2009 alumna Taryn Bartholomew, head of library collections and systems, earned the Blue and Gold Leadership Award for mentoring others by providing advice, guidance, feedback and encouragement. She was recognized for promoting positive morale by displaying a congenial, supportive attitude, and for having an exceptional willingness to serve others. Bartholomew was lauded for embracing the core values of respect, accountability, integrity, service and excellence. She also put forth an effort to improve herself as well as to develop and recognize others.

Kim Moerschbacher, library technician and circulation supervisor, earned the Rookie Warrior of the Year Award. The award recognizes her for outstanding service and contributions. She also was recognized for her initiative, creativity, and willingness to assist beyond normal expectations. Moerschbacher was lauded for her dedication to her profession, and for promoting an atmosphere of collaboration.

Class of 2004 alumna Lara Collins, now an alumni relations officer, earned the Warrior Spirit Award. The award recognizes her spirit of volunteerism, collaboration, commitment, integrity, engagement and support of Lycoming College events. Collins was recognized for promoting good will and fostering of a sense of belonging within the campus community. She also is committed to the spirit of diversity and inclusion.

Class of 2011 alumna Rebecca Brown, now an administrative assistant for the Office of Academic Service Deans, earned the Benjamin Crever Outstanding Service Award. The award recognizes her willingness to go beyond the limits of her job description to further the college’s goals. She also showed sincere cooperation, a positive attitude, and an exceptional willingness to assist others. Brown was lauded for her professionalism and dedication to excellent service.

Cindy Mayer, day custodial shift coordinator, and John Colocino, grounds landscaping laborer, earned the Jackie Bilger Dedication to Lycoming College Award. The award honors the memory of Jackie Bilger, who served Lycoming College with distinction for more than 13 years as the director of human resources. Mayer and Colocino received the award for providing outstanding service to the college while demonstrating Bilger’s dedication, initiative, creativity, positive attitude, and unwavering commitment to caring for their fellow employees.

Similar to Bilger, whose children Mackenzie and Maggie each attended Lycoming, both Mayer and Colocino have children who went to Lycoming. Mayer’s children, Jessica Kaiser ’05, David Kaiser ’06, Jacqueline Kaiser-Rist ’06, and Alisha Mayer, all attended Lycoming. Colocino’s children, Joshua ’07 and Cathryn Barner ’14, also attended Lycoming.

Three individuals earned the Pivot Award: Allison Holladay, associate director of global education; Murray Hanford, director of publications; and Dave Lantz, assistant director of the physical plant. The award was created to honor employees who make a significant contribution to the college’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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