Bloomsburg Area School District is facing leadership, staffing, and graduation rate challenges, according to news reports.

Bloomsburg, Pa. – Change is on the horizon for the Bloomsburg Area School District following the recent resignation of Superintendent Dr. Donald Wheeler. 

Superintendent Wheeler announced his resignation during the school board's meeting on Monday night. The board unanimously accepted Wheeler's resignation which will go into effect Nov. 1. 

The superintendent's resignation was preceded by the departure of 10 teachers from the district since July. Patricia Lawton, a Bloomsburg Area School District employee, said "the teachers are at their boiling point referencing a 'toxic leadership,'" during an interview with Eyewitness News

In addition to unhappy staff and teachers, the district is also facing scrutiny for their graduate rates and inaccurate date reporting. 

An investigation by the district revealed that 4 students who were reported as not graduating had in fact, graduated. The inaccuracy was because "the information was improperly entered by a district employee," according a statement released by President of the Bloomsburg Area School District Joshua D. Klingerman Sr.

"Our actual reporting cohort should be 84 graduates out of 95 students or an 88.42% graduation rate. The board’s goal can be no less than 100%," said Klingerman. 

The district moved for Jason Moser, who is currently the secondary complex executive principal, to serve as interim superintendent until a replacement is found. 

"We all want the same thing. We want our teachers, support staff and building level principals to feel valued and empowered," said Klingerman. "We want success and connection to not be empty words and promises." 

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