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The Pa. Department of Health reports the following COVID-19 data for Saturday, Jan. 16:

Lycoming County 
-Total Cases7312
-Confirmed Cases6445
Cases per 100,0006453.7
Deaths175 (1 new)
Deaths per 100,000154.5
Potter County 
-Total Cases756
-Confirmed Cases659
Cases per 100,0004574.6
Deaths per 100,000102.9
Tioga County 
-Total Cases2139
-Confirmed Cases1956
Cases per 100,0005269.6
Deaths85 (2 new)
Deaths per 100,000209.4
Bradford County 
-Total Cases3577
-Confirmed Cases3045
Cases per 100,0005929.7
Deaths per 100,000104.4
Sullivan County 
-Total Cases200
-Confirmed Cases163
Cases per 100,0003297.1
Deaths7 (1 new)
Deaths per 100,000115.4
Columbia County 
-Total Cases3697
-Confirmed Cases3363
Cases per 100,0005690.8
Deaths97 (1 new)
Deaths per 100,000149.3
Montour County 
-Total Cases1392
-Confirmed Cases1292
Cases per 100,0007635.8
Deaths37 (2 new)
Deaths per 100,000203
Northumberland County 
-Total Cases6090
-Confirmed Cases5527
Cases per 100,0006703.9
Deaths267 (1 new)
Deaths per 100,000293.9
Union County 
-Total Cases3647
-Confirmed Cases3180
Cases per 100,0008118.3
Deaths60 (1 new)
Deaths per 100,000133.6
Snyder County 
-Total Cases2295
-Confirmed Cases1969
Cases per 100,0005684.6
Deaths57 (2 new)
Deaths per 100,000141.2
Centre County 
-Total Cases10112
-Confirmed Cases9447
Cases per 100,0006227.2
Deaths169 (2 new)
Deaths per 100,000104.1
Clinton County 
-Total Cases2326
-Confirmed Cases2119
Cases per 100,0006020.9
Deaths42 (5 new)
Deaths per 100,000108.7

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