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The Pennsylvania Department of Health reports the following COVID-19 data for Jan. 10, 2021:

Lycoming County 
-Total Cases6858
-Confirmed Cases6097 (70 new)
Cases per 100,0006053
Deaths per 100,000125.3
Potter County 
-Total Cases705
-Confirmed Cases627 (8 new)
Cases per 100,0004266
Deaths per 100,00090.8
Tioga County 
-Total Cases2080
-Confirmed Cases1908 (14 new)
Cases per 100,0005124.3
Deaths77 (2 new)
Deaths per 100,000189.7
Bradford County 
-Total Cases3394
-Confirmed Cases2882 (39 new)
Cases per 100,0005626.4
Deaths60 (1 new)
Deaths per 100,00099.5
Sullivan County 
-Total Cases186
-Confirmed Cases152 (2 new)
Cases per 100,0003066.3
Deaths per 100,00049.5
Columbia County 
-Total Cases3369
-Confirmed Cases3068 (44 new)
Cases per 100,0005185.9
Deaths88 (1 new)
Deaths per 100,000135.5
Montour County 
-Total Cases1289
-Confirmed Cases1194 (32 new)
Cases per 100,0007070.8
Deaths per 100,000170
Northumberland County 
-Total Cases5728
-Confirmed Cases5231 (36 new)
Cases per 100,0006305.4
Deaths per 100,000279.6
Union County 
-Total Cases3381
-Confirmed Cases2969 (37 new)
Cases per 100,0007526.2
Deaths per 100,000115.8
Snyder County 
-Total Cases2164
-Confirmed Cases1865 (10 new)
Cases per 100,0005360.2
Deaths49 (1 new)
Deaths per 100,000121.4
Centre County 
-Total Cases9743
-Confirmed Cases9121 (88 new)
Cases per 100,0005999.9
Deaths152 (2 new)
Deaths per 100,00093.6
Clinton County 
-Total Cases2206
-Confirmed Cases2009 (24 new)
Cases per 100,0005710.3
Deaths32 (1 new)
Deaths per 100,00082.8

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