Female arrest_NCPA

Jersey Shore, Pa. – After allegedly providing a false written statement claiming her ex-boyfriend committed serious crimes, a Jersey Shore woman was arrested.

In a Dec. 23 criminal complaint, Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police Officer Tyler Bierly said he responded to the report of a disturbance at the apartment of Britney L. Mclean, 24, on Oct. 27.

Bierly said he arrived at Mclean's residence, 1220 Allegheny St., as she was being treated by an EMT for a possible concussion.

Mclean claimed, "a male that she believes but was not sure was her ex" broke into her apartment and assaulted her by dunking her face underwater, pouring hot wax on her hands and kicking her in the head, Bierly said.

Bierly said Mclean had a small laceration on her head but that it was not deep enough to bleed. Although there was wax all over the floor, Bierly said he noticed that Mclean's hair was not wet and that the sides of her bathtub were dry, too.

Mclean showed police text messages, which she alleged were from her ex-boyfriend, threatening to do "very sick and sadistic" things, including "killing [her current boyfriend] and putting him into soup," Bierly said. 

Bierly reportedly interviewed Mclean's downstairs neighbors, who said they did heard loud crashing sounds but "thought nothing of it because Mclean is loud all the time and there is usually loud crashing."

The neighbor claimed Mclean routinely lies to their landlord and was not a trustworthy person, Bierly said.

Bierly interviewed Mclean's ex-boyfriend, who was able to provide an alibi for the night in question. The ex told Bierly about an incident where Mclean padlocked him inside the house, requiring the Williamsport Bureau of Police to help him get out. 

Bierly applied for and was granted a search warrant for the number used to send the bizarre messages to Mclean. Because the number was registered to TextNow Inc., a company operating in Canada, President Judge Nancy L. Butts had to sign off on the warrant too, Bierly said.

"The name attached to the account was Britney Mclean," Bierly said.

Bierly said Mclean should be charged "due to the fraudulent messages and the fabricated evidence at the scene, along with the signed written statement, and the attempt to incriminate [her ex-boyfriend]."

Mclean was charged with one misdemeanor count each of false report, unsworn falsification to authorities, tamper with/fabricate physical evidence, and disorderly conduct.

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