"I'm going to continue to do what is necessary to keep people safe and contain the virus," said Governor Wolf in response to the recent court decision.  

Harrisburg, Pa. – Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf said his administration is seeking a stay of decision and will file an appeal after a Federal Judge ruled the stay-at-home order and size restrictions to gatherings were unconstitutional.  

The court ruling of U.S. District Judge William Stickman IV, which decided the pandemic policies of Governor Wolf and his administration were an overreach of power and violated the constitutional rights of citizens, was announced yesterday. 

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Governor Wolf addressed the court's decision and defended the policies of his administration at the start of a press conference this morning. 

"There really isn't any sense debating a case we're actually appealing," stated the Governor. "What is not up for debate is that the early and decisive action we took saved lives. The federal government dithered, that's exactly what they did. While they did that we took action." 

The Governor noted Pennsylvania's success in managing the virus and mitigating its spread and noted the fact that Pennsylvania hospitals were never overwhelmed or strained "like the states surrounding us" did. 

Wolf also expressed frustration with Republican leaders regarding their reaction to the court ruling and leadership during the pandemic stating, "they are celebrating a court ruling while refusing to help anybody but themselves."

While a stay-of-decision has been filed and the Wolf administration plans to appeal the court's decision, the Governor did note the court ruling will not have a drastic effect since many of the restrictions the case ruled on have already been lifted. 

For now, the Governor and his administration plan to continue their efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 and move the state towards a new normal. 

“My hope is that we can move as quickly as possible to the point where we get to the new normal. The reality is there’s a virus out there, so the new normal is going to be different than the normal before the virus," said Governor Wolf.

"If we want to keep our neighbors and family safe we need to recognize that there is a virus out there and it is very deadly, we can’t simply ignore that.”

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