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Earlier this month, a reader requested us to cover the achievements of some accomplished high schoolers as they progressed through a competition. We did. The requestor was happy for the news coverage, but he asked us to do more

That same week, we launched an investigation into how two little girls disappeared, apparently unnoticed for years. How did a system meant to protect kids fail them so miserably? We continue to dig, get our hands on court documents, and ask difficult questions. We want to do more.

Meanwhile, requests for investigative reporting continue to hit our inbox each day. Injustice, corruption, school bullying, mistreatment by authorities, sex trafficking (yes, it exists here).

We answered, where are free Thanksgiving meals being served? and What restaurants will be open to serve on Thanksgiving?


NCPA editorial meeting in progress.

We report on new businesses, issues within city government, COVID-19 developments, where and how taxpayer dollars are spent. We navigate the court system to report what verdict was imposed on a convicted drug dealer, murderer, child exploiter. We do our best to answer, what happened to victims in a car crash? Why did a fleet of SWAT vehicles just go screaming by?

We report the success of community fundraisers, the accomplishments of local youth, and inspiring stories, like that of a local resident who made a a life-saving kidney donation to a perfect stranger.

We do it with a small staff of reporters. We do it because we’re compelled and committed to reporting timely, relevant, accurate, and important news.

We publish our stories for more than 325,000 monthly visitors who read our website, and 65,000 Facebook followers, and readers on Twitter and Instagram.

We don’t charge anyone a dime or hide content behind paywalls. 

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