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Left: Huck and Finn, the bookstore cats. Right: Kevin Coolidge holds copies of his newest book, “The Totally Ninja Raccoons Discover the Lost World.” 

A local bookstore, its owner, and his two cats are in the spotlight this week in Wellsboro.

Kevin Coolidge, the owner of From My Shelf Books & Gifts, is also an author of children's books. The newest book in his ninja raccoon series has arrived to the bookstore, but not without encouragement from an avid fan.

Huck and Finn, the cats of From My Shelf Books & Gifts, have been featured in an article about bookstore cats in Catster Magazine.

Writers from Catster Magazine contacted Coolidge about a month ago for an article for the November-December issue.

“They requested photos of Huck and Finn as well as an image of their book, ‘Huck & Finn Bookstore Cats’,” Coolidge said. 

Catster Magazine, formerly known as Cat Fancy, is the most popular and most widely distributed magazine about cats.  

“The text in the article about Huck and Finn mentions their book and how it details a day in the life of the cats at the bookstore,” he said. 

Huck and Finn share the article with six other cats: Junie B. Jones at Cat Tales in Portland, Indiana; Dinah from the Dusty Bookshelf in Lawrence, Kansas; Emma from the Recycle Bookstore in San Jose, California; Tiny the Usurper at the Community Bookstore in Brooklyn, New York; and Apollo and Zeus at the Iliad Bookstore in North Hollywood, California. 

Coolidge was surprised with an earlier than expected arrival of "The Totally Ninja Raccoons Discover the Lost World,” the 10th book in Coolidge’s ninja raccoon series for 7- to 10-year-old reluctant readers.

As the story goes, the Cat Board steals Uncle Art's journal, and tricks the Totally Ninja Raccoons into going into the Coudersport Ice Mine. 

For three years Coolidge struggled to finish the latest book in the series due to writer’s block. Thanks to an email from McKay Campbell of Williamsport on June 24, telling the author he had finished reading his first book in the raccoon series and was going to read them all by himself, Coolidge got back to work and finished the crucial first draft on July 4.

10-year-old Campbell has dyslexia, a learning disorder that had kept him from reading a book on his own. “When I found out how much McKay loved his first raccoon book and how much it had helped him, I was inspired to finally finish this one,” Coolidge said. 

“I was told ‘The Totally Ninja Raccoons Discover the Lost World’ wouldn’t get to Wellsboro until Friday, Sept. 30, but copies of the book arrived on Monday, Sept. 19 and we began selling them,” said Coolidge. 

For more information about the Catster article, the newly released ninja raccoon book or the series, call the bookstore at 570-724-5793 or stop in.

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