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Evangelical Community Hospital is currently seeking spiritual care volunteers. Volunteers may be from any spiritual background and no experience is necessary. Activities include engaging in conversation with patients while providing emotional and spiritual guidance.

Anyone interested in the spiritual care program must complete the requirements to become a Hospital volunteer and attend the Spiritual Care Training which is scheduled next for Tuesdays beginning September 24, 2019, through October 22, 2019, from 9 a.m.-noon at the Hospital. 

Attendance is required at each session.

Over the course of the training days, through classroom instruction and role-playing, participants will learn about the role of spiritual care in a healthcare setting, how to be present with the patient, gain insight on being an active listener, and learn valuable insights on death and dying.

Once classroom training is complete, new spiritual care volunteers will be supported in their new work through shadowing seasoned volunteers in a direct care setting.

Volunteering in your community benefits the organization you choose to help, but also provides direct personal benefits. According to nonprofithub.org, volunteering builds self esteem, improves your health and can help you live longer, expands your connections in the community, protects against stress, and adds purpose to your life.

If you’re interested and feel called to volunteer in spiritual care, please contact Rev. Jacqueline Heitmann, Hospital Chaplain, at Jacqueline.Heitmann@evanhospital.com or call (570) 522-4444 before August 30, 2019.