environmental excellence award
The Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy and Pennsylvania Game Commission were awarded a Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence for a project completed along Plunketts Creek in Proctor, Pa.

Proctor, Pa. -- A two-year environmental project along Plunketts Creek is now being recognized for its lasting impact on environmental protection in the state.

The Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy and Pennsylvania Game Commission contributed to the Plunketts Creek project in Proctor.

The award received, the Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence, evaluates projects for the degree of environmental protection, innovation, partnership, economic impact, consideration of climate change, sustainability, and environmental justice, as well as outcomes achieved. The Creek project, along with 14 other projects from across the state, were recognized with the 2022 Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence in Harrisburg.

During the event, DEP Secretary Patrick McDonnell said, “It is always a privilege to spotlight people going above and beyond to improve the environment and make our great outdoor spaces more accessible. Each of the projects awarded this year will leave a positive lasting legacy for Pennsylvania.”

This project’s lasting legacy will be less flooding, more ecological functioning, and better water quality. Plunketts Creek is a High Quality-Cold Water Fishery with naturally reproducing trout.

The Creek is part of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The water in Plunketts is linked back to the Loyalsock Creek, the West Branch Susquehanna River, then the Susquehanna River, and finally, the Bay.

In Phase 1 of the project in 2020, NPC and PGC stabilized the eroding streambanks on an 850 foot stretch of Plunketts Creek using log and rock structures designed by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.

The eroding streambanks were adding sediment to the stream and covering the substrate on the bottom. By immediately stabilizing the streambanks, the source of the sediment was eliminated. Over time, the sediment on the stream bottom will flush out of the system.

In 2021, as Phase 2, the partners removed 2,200 linear feet of the earthen berm along Plunketts Creek and restored the Creek’s access to the floodplain, lowering adjacent flood elevations and the erosive potential of the stream.

Of particular note to the project was the contribution of the 333rd Engineering Company of the US Army Reserves, based in Reading, PA, who completed the project as their summer 2021 training exercise. The soldiers were able to gain three weeks of training while also adding environmental benefits to the community. 

The project was only possible because of the efforts of a number of partners working together. One of the key partners was the 1st Platoon of the 333rd Engineering Company of the US Army Reserves. The Reservists used the project as their 2021 summer training project. Their assistance was possible because of the Department of Defense’s Innovative Readiness Training program.

The partners who worked with the Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy and Pennsylvania Game Commission to help make the project possible were:

  • Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission

  • Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

  • Lycoming County Conservation District

  • 333rd Engineering Company of US Army Reserves

  • Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds

  • Susquehanna River Basin Commission

  • PA Council of Trout Unlimited

  • Coldwater Heritage Program

  • Loyalsock Creek Men’s Club

  • Loyalsock Creek Watershed Association

  • American Legion Post 104 (Montoursville, PA)

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