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Washingtonville, Pa. — As a part of the Worldwide Photo Walk, Dan Hyde of the Lewisburg Photo Club will leading a walk at Montour Preserve tonight from 7-9 p.m.

The walk will take place along the Goose Woods Trail in Montour Preserve. Much of the trail is in the woods and should be cool. For a ways, the trail travels besides a small creek and then alongside a pond with possible wildlife sightings, including herons, as well as pond lilies. There will be plenty of opportunity for nature photography.

The trail is 0.9 miles long and very easy walking. By 7:45 pm, the group will return to the parking lot and drive to the boat launch on the east side of the lake along Sportsman Road, where it will set up for sunset shots reflecting in the lake. 

Directions to Montour Preserve as well as a map and descriptions are available here.

The walk will start at the main parking lot of the Visitors Center and will begin  promptly at 7 p.m. Hiking footwear and bug spray is recommended. For the sunset shots, bring a tripod and a lawn chair. 

To register for the photo walk and be eligible to participate in the contest, register online. The contest is not affiliated with the Lewisburg Photo Club. 

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