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Name and tagline change better reflects the foundation's mission: to help families in the fight against cancer

To remove any ambiguity about their cause, the Paternostro Family Foundation has decided to change their name to the Paternostro Cancer Foundation.

The organization has existed for eight years and served many families dealing with cancer, but felt that many people remained uncertain about the organization. The tagline has changed from "Harnessing Hope. Living Passionately." to "Families helping families in the fight against cancer."

Founder and Chairman, Krista Paternostro Bower, explains: “As we enter our eighth year of service within the community during 2020, we realize that some residents and community leaders still do not know what we do. Adding the word cancer into our official name provides an important step in our evolution as a local non-profit organization committed to helping families facing a cancer diagnosis.”

Board Secretary Marthalie Paternostro agrees. “I believe our new name solidifies our mission to help local families dealing with a cancer diagnosis. Whether you receive one of our harnessing hope bags, need financial assistance or a K2 headcover, the Paternostro Cancer Foundation is here to help.”

Although "Family" has been dropped from the organization's name, it remains a focus of the Foundation. “Cancer does not only impact the patient; the diagnosis is felt by the entire family. Caregivers serve in a vital role throughout the journey. Our new tagline captures this sentiment and helps to tell the story of the Paternostro family, working alongside of our donors, to help the families facing cancer in our region,” Bower explained.

The new logo keeps the primary icon from the original logo, which includes a tree that signifies Tom Paternostro’s deep appreciation of nature, and two hummingbirds that represent Kathleen Paternostro’s lifelong love of hummingbirds. Bower explains, “Keeping these elements is an essential reminder for us and for those we help of the reason we started this organization. Everything we do is done in loving memory of our Dad and our sister, Kass. That symbol will always represent their lives and our eternal love for them.”

The Paternostro Cancer Foundation was founded in 2013 as the Team Kass Foundation in memory of Kathleen Paternostro Morgan. The name changed in 2015 following the untimely passing of Tom Paternostro to cancer.

Since 2014, 550 Harnessing Hope cancer care bags have been delivered to the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center in Williamsport for distribution to newly-diagnosed patients. Over the past five years, 170 local families referred by the cancer center have received support through the Foundation’s financial assistance program, totaling almost $35,000 in direct financial assistance. And, since January of this year, 150 K2 headcovers have been distributed to female patients experiencing hair loss as a result of cancer treatment.

“We are eager to continue to expand our impact and to provide needed support to even more families in our community over the coming years,” Bower noted. “Our work with the Paternostro Cancer Foundation is a part of the very essence of who we are.”

The Foundation's website remains the same for now, but will be changing soon to reflect the foundation's identity.