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House Bill 318 was unanimously approved by state legislators and the governor in early October, but was not scheduled to take effect until December 3. Now, Pennsylvania has a new and improved Do-Not-Call (DNC) law that covers a more than the minimum federal requirements.

In the previous iteration of the list you had to re-register your phone number every five years, otherwise it would be automatically purged. With the new law, once you register, you stay on the list indefinitely and never have to re-register. If you have already registered for the DNC List, you should already be on the new permanent list.

The new DNC List also allows businesses to register their phone numbers, a feature which was not available previously and is only part of the new state law, not the national law.

New numbers will be added to the list on a quarterly basis, and telemarketers will have 30 days to remove those new numbers once the updated list becomes available.

You can register your number by filling out a simple form on the Attorney General's website or by calling 1-888-777-3406. Reports about violations of the DNC law may also be submitted through the Attorney General's website.

Unfortunately, scammers tend not to care about laws or behaving ethically - if they did, they wouldn't be scammers. The list will only stop legitimate telemarketers from contacting your number.

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