Muncy, Pa. -- Lycoming County is launching the Blue Ribbon Project as part of the Greater Muncy Resiliency Plan, according to Muncy Borough and Lycoming County officials. Over the next few months residents may see County employees placing blue “-Flood-” signs to indicate the flood depth in a 100-year flood.

Blue ribbons were placed at the height of the regulatory flood plain in 2019, but the ribbons "did not weather well," according to a media release, and this time will be replaced with polycarbonate signs. 

Muncy Borough officials said in a Facebook announcement to residents that they felt most people were aware of the Regulatory Flood Plain but did not really understand it. This area is set by the Federal Government and concerns every community member, whether a resident or business member. “Regulatory” means that it affects everything from mortgages to home improvement, to taxes, and beyond.

What the Muncy Borough, Muncy Creek Township, and Lycoming County officials hope to achieve in this collaborative project is to raise awareness about the regulatory 100-year floodplain, or Base Flood Elevation, as defined by FEMA. 

According to the Muncy Borough officials, "people will hear the term 'flood plain' and think of lines on a map. What they often don’t realize is that flood water has depth – and that depth affects our citizens and property in a big way. As you travel through Muncy you will see the flood level go from ankle high near the hospital, to a frightening 16+ feet high on North Market Street. Knowing your flood risk is important," says the borough post on Facebook.

The Greater Muncy Resiliency Plan will "identify specific achievable projects that will help the greater Muncy community withstand and rebound from a diversity of threats and challenges," according to the release. "This is one of many projects aimed at increasing community flood preparedness, flood mitigation, and public education."

Muncy residents with questions about the Resiliency Plan are being directed to contact Ed Feigles, Muncy Borough Council President and County GIS Analyst, at 570-320-2145 or by email at