Williamsport, Pa. – Although vaccines and warmer weather may make it seem like things are back to normal, the threat of COVID-19 is not gone for good. That's why a local group, called Let's end COVID!, is battling the virus by expanding outreach and education. 

Let’s end COVID! is a group of concerned people in Northcentral Pa. working to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic through education, outreach and mitigation, according to the group's website.

The members of the organization includes leaders in the fields of medicine, public health, the faith community, education, business, and public policy.

The members of the group "share a non-partisan desire to implement solutions to this public health crisis that has devastated the lives of so many families in Lycoming County," states the website. 

The group is working to implement several efforts to reduce the spread of COVID in the local community. These efforts include boosting access to high-quality face coverings, increasing COVID testing, and educating the community about vaccinations.

Last week, the group lobbied the Lycoming County Commissioners to secure funding to boost educational outreach regarding COVID-19 vaccines in the region. 

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Other recent efforts by the group include activities like compiling and distributing twice weekly updated lists of local vaccine providers; creating informational flyers and piloting distribution as bag inserts at one pharmacy and to United Churches ministers; securing donations and designing billboards for electronic and standard billboards; and, creating a video to play on the jumbo screen at River Valley Transit bus depot.

According to Let's end COVID, the most pressing issue at the moment is to encourage members of the local community to get vaccinated. The group focuses on the importance of vaccines at preventing severe cases of the virus and hospitalization, which is a key to ensuring area hospitals can provide adequate and safe care to anyone in need. 

The group can be contacted at lycoletsendcovid@gmail.com or 570-916-1247, for those interested in getting involved or seeking additional information. 

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