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Williamsport -- Williamsport native Mr. Marvin H. Staiman was named Hope Enterprises Foundation, Inc.'s Director Emeritus on June 16, 2020. Staiman is the past owner and president of Staiman Brothers', Inc., one of Williamsport's oldest family businesses.

He joined Hope's board of directors in 1963 and has been vital to the evolution of serving people with disabilities in the Williamsport area over the past 57 years.

Staiman is currently the only recipient of the Max Miller Lifetime Achievement Award, which he was given in 2018. He was one of the first members who fought for sites at no cost for conducting meetings and classes at the School of Hope, and presided over the board during the purchase of the Catherine Street facility, which provided employment opportunities to adults with disabilities. The facility was instrumental in challenging city zoning officials to provide community homes in Lycoming County.

The role of Director Emeritus at the Hope Foundation is held by previous members of the board of directors who dedicated considerable time and effort to supporting those with intellectual disabilities. Mr. Marvin H. Staiman joins the position with other valued directors David L. Stroehmann and George D. Golden. Previous board directors William H. Fish and Peyton D. McDonald also held the position of Director Emeritus.

“Designating Mr. Staiman to Director Emeritus allows us to retain his experience, knowledge, and passion for the Hope Foundation,” states Board Chair, Glenn Smith II. “His advocacy for Hope has been instrumental to our community and we are honored to enhance this group with Mr. Marvin H. Staiman.”

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