The Lord has afforded to each of us the precious gift of time. We all get the same amount, 24 hours each day, even though as many say, we don’t seem to “have enough of it.” Just how are you and I spending our time, and is there room for improvement?

It is so good to be reminded of the gift of time the Lord gives us. We can get ready during this wonderful season of expectation called Advent, for the great celebration of the beautiful season of Christmas.

First, we need to give our times and days to God. I like what King David declared: “My times are in Your hand...Oh, God!” (Psalm 31:15 NIV). Yes, it is good for us to prepare, set, and plan our schedules, but then we should offer our plans back to God and allow Him to order our steps. He takes great delight when we do this, Beloved.

No matter what your present state may be, we can continue to give thanks to the Lord for His great provision for us each day. Provision means that God has already seen the vision for you for that day and has provided for you in the season and time. Remember that He is with you in all you do and need to care for in this life. We don’t have to worry or be stressed or be fearful because Jesus is near. James 4:8 reminds us that we can “draw near to God, and He will draw near to” us (NKJ). As we take time to “draw near” to Him, we can listen closely and receive guidance. We can actually have His heart and mind for the day and all He has planned for us to accomplish.

Keep asking, seeking, knocking, and the doors will open. I heard someone say, “Ask God to open the doors, open the hearts, and open our mouths!” Taking time in prayer and worship, plus reading and applying His Word daily, allows the Holy Spirit to open our eyes to new possibilities around us to engage with Him. Stay in the moment of time with Him and relax. After spending time drawing near, the Lord can open many new doors for us everywhere.

As He orders our steps, we will find new and fresh vision and better appreciate the gift of time. Sometimes we get so busy tending to others on the “outside” that we don’t look within our own families as well. The Lord sees this gift of time as important for all, family as well as others. Spend time with people, and use every moment for the glory of God.

As we stay devoted to Him, we will be renewed, restored, and refreshed so that we seem to have even more time. Yes, we all have the same 24 hours. However, God is not only a great provider of time, but He can even multiply it!

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