2021-01-08 Spiritual Editorial
When I was younger, our school participated in the Presidential Fitness Challenge.
I did well with individual events. But when it came time for team sports, I was picked last.
Truthfully, I was never “picked.” I was just the last one standing. I still have nightmares about one kickball game. When I was up to kick, the ball rolled in, but my foot glanced off the top of it. The ball continued to roll underneath me, and down I went on my backside. It is hard to get up from that and act like no one saw you!
As I grew up, I decided not to play school sports.
I needed a job to earn money. While that was true, I was also afraid of not making the team.
No one wants to be told that he/she is not good enough. So, rather than make myself vulnerable to rejection, I said that school sports were not for me. We build these walls (lies we tell) to protect ourselves!
Have you ever been looked over or been told you weren’t good enough? Did you pretend that it did not matter, but deep down you were hurt? Maybe you also went home and cried in the privacy of your room, while telling your nosy brother that nothing was wrong. I found crying in the shower drew less attention.
However, I also remember the feeling of entering a room and having a friend wave me over because she saved a seat for me! I practically skipped through the room. I mean, I would have if I had been coordinated enough and wanted attention drawn to me.
That was a feeling of being chosen, picked, and wanted. That feeling is the one we should meditate on because our Heavenly Father chose us. Paul, who himself was dramatically chosen, states, “For He chose us in Him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in His sight” (Ephesians 1:4 NIV). He waved us over and told us that He saved us a seat at His Table!
He did not pick us because we were the “best in class.” He did not pick us because we had finally mastered a skill or talent. He did not pick us because we were the prettiest, the funniest, the smartest, the tallest, or the thinnest. He picked us because we responded with a skip to the Table. We heard Him call our name and saw Him wave us over!
And unlike those who are your friend one day and not the next, “He marks us with His seal” (v. 13). This adoption into His family means that we are to live holy lives (different, set apart). Someone should be able to identify us within the world because of whose family we belong to. If enough of us are different, we could revolutionize society! Think of the change we could bring in 2021 if we lived according to our call! Skip, my brothers and sisters! There is a seat saved for you!
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