Williamsport, Pa. -- City Alliance Church is currently doing a Sunday sermon series on overcoming a toxic world. City Alliance Church believes scripture has a lot to say about overcoming a toxic world.

"Have you noticed that our world is incredibly toxic? If you flip on the news, scroll through social media or just walk around with your eyes open, you can see it all around! Our world is unhealthy. We breathe it in, and breathe it out. Throughout the day, if not all day, it seems impossible to escape to toxic parts of our culture," said Brandon Rathbun, communications director at City Alliance.

Nithin Thompson, lead Pastor, said, “If you look at the news and scroll through social media, you'll probably notice how toxic our world is. The dysfunction and destruction is everyone, and can  even get injected inside of us. Let's take the next few weeks to inject God's truth into our lives  and find healing from the spiritual toxins that left unchecked could destroy us.” 

This week’s sermon is on "toxic anxiety." The church will be breaking from the sermon series to have a Baptism Celebration on Nov. 7th, before returning with series on "toxic pride" on Nov. 14 and "toxic shame" on Nov. 21.

City Alliance Church is located on the corner of W 4th St and Elmira St. 

City Alliance Church is a church in downtown Williamsport, PA. Their mission statement reads: We are joining with Christ to transform Williamsport with the Gospel for the glory of God and the good of our city.

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